Fast money movement.

Cross River’s payment solutions provide Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) through API connectivity, to help our partners grow their business, and manage their risk.

More speed. Less friction.

Cross River’s solutions enable next-generation companies in the payment processing space. We have partnered with payment providers to offer ACH, wire transfer, debit card disbursement, money transfer, back-office support, and compliance framework solutions.

Innovation. Simplicity. Security.

Get total visibility into every transaction. Cross River’s ACH Manager offers same-day transfers and provides automated alerts, query resolution, and error and return services. The ACH Connect API enables customized reporting and data delivery for individual or batched transactions.

Speed meets customer satisfaction.

Businesses and consumers expect faster and user-friendly methods to send and receive funds. Cross River’s disbursement solution enables rapid electronic payments to U.S. debit cards.
“Cross River's commitment to working with innovative companies made it an easy and clear choice to work with them. They are flexible and attentive, and their ability to scale and support our business is unique in the industry.”