Create your customized banking solution.

Cross River bridges the best of both worlds. It’s the technology support you want, crossed with banking expertise you need.
Banking services for modern applications.

Credit Cards

Enable your business or consumer credit and charge card programs with Cross River's credit card BIN sponsorship.

Debit Cards

Build your unique consumer or business debit card program with Cross River's integrated debit card issuance and sponsorship solutions.

Demand Deposit Accounts

Enable your digital banking solution with FDIC-insured banking accounts.

Savings Accounts

Develop long-lasting customer relationships with interest-bearing, FDIC-insured savings accounts.

Purpose-driven Accounts

Create customized financial services products and user experiences with flexible accounts fit for purpose including FBOs.

Agile. Simple. Intuitive.

Our Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform, called COS, offers seamless account functionality to create, open and manage accounts via APIs. Customize your financial service products with purpose-driven accounts that are available with a host of adjustable parameters.

Ready to begin building your banking services? Contact us today. With Cross River, you don’t just get products. You get a dedicated team focused on end-to-end project management. Let Cross River guide you through implementation and beyond.

Every Cross River client receives a dedicated implementation team aimed at decreasing your time to market and offering personal support as questions arise.

All the modular components you need to build the best products for your business. Customize your solution to best meet the needs of your customers.

Cross River is guided by a gold standard for compliance and risk management, helping clients stay guarded.

One gateway to manage all payments and related services. Plus, Cross River manages those third-party relationships too. All under one set of APIs.

The services your clients need today and the foundation for the next generation of financial services. 


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