Core API-driven banking.

A grass-root solution to be built on tomorrow’s technology, COS will provide access to multiple banking services via seamless API connectivity.

A secure & comprehensive platform.

COS will provide Banking-as-a-Platform for businesses looking to offer banking services to their customers. Built-in regulatory and compliance measures will enable cybersecurity threat detection. Transactions will clear and settle quickly and seamlessly.

Total connectivity. Transactions in real time.

The COS Payments Module will connect our clients to payment rails from a single, unified platform via secure APIs. The full spectrum of payment solutions will include ACH, wires, bill pay, debit rails (push and pull), among other features.

Agile. Simple. Intuitive.

COS will offer seamless account functionality to create, open, and manage accounts via APIs. It will define and redefine financial products to adapt to evolving markets, such as virtual wallets, sub-accounts, and Special Purpose Accounts, which will be able to be customized to function with set parameters, as well as different interest rates.