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Crypto for the next 1 BILLION PEOPLE

We are committed to CRYPTO.

We're known for our partnership with Coinbase, and now, we are exploring where we can continue to help the ecosystem grow and flourish, leveraging Cross River’s specific perspective as a regulated bank with proprietary core infrastructure and leading technology. We sit at the intersection of FinTech and Crypto and our partners include Stripe, Affirm, Upgrade and Upstart.

We are committed to FINTECH.

We are committed to helping FinTech companies and banks bring crypto to the next 1 billion people: you will help our customers offer crypto trading, lending, staking, as well as interact with crypto protocols.

Join a brand new team

We are on a mission to build the infrastructure and products that propel access, inclusion and the democratization of financial services. We’re creating the next wave of innovative crypto products today, for tomorrow. We currently have openings across almost every function and seniority level.

Our Clients


Institutional Backing

Andreessen Horowitz
Ribbit Capital


Who we look for

We care deeply about finding people who question assumptions, have strong judgment, execute fast, take ownership, act responsibly and help the team advance.


The desire to change company can come from different places: Regardless of where it comes from, making a switch is an overwhelming process. Even when you find something you like, going through the hiring process is stressful. We think that making this process transparent will help you focus on yourself and deliver your best performance.

The interview process is about getting to know each other: You’ll learn about Cross River and we’ll learn about your background, what motivates your choices and how you solve problems. We consider our team our primary strength and as we scale, we want to hire fairly and bring in different perspectives and experiences.

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1 or 2 preliminary phone calls or virtual chats, generally with a recruiter and/or the hiring manager, to assess your fit and expectations for the role. These calls are designed to exchange preliminary information on you and the role.
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We ask you to solve a problem you would encounter in your job. This could range from writing code to solving a case study and, depending on the role you are interviewing for, it could be performed on your own time or during the interview.
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Structured interviews with people from different teams. Interviewers will ask you open-ended questions to know how you think and what motivates you. We use rubrics to ensure fair assessment of candidates and appreciate their distinctiveness.

We do our best to keep candidates informed, we try to keep our interview process to three weeks or less. If we decide that you’re the best candidate for the role, your recruiter will reach out to you with an offer.

What we are LOOKING FOR

Role relevant experience:

We want to see if you have demonstrated relevant experience for the job or relevant skill set that can be transferred to this job (job descriptions articulate what’s needed).

Critical thinking:

You can frame a problem by articulating the problem clearly and putting it in context; you then develop a thoughtful solution to solving the critical issues.


You can execute projects that require aligning multiple stakeholders in a third of the time.


You work well with stakeholders, you help the team move forward by propelling your colleagues, and your addition to the team contributes to increasing its standards.


Does a candidate need native experience in crypto?

The short answer is no. But we appreciate you are passionate for crypto given how novel it is. While not being a requirement, we appreciate when a candidate has past involvement in crypto. In other words, you should be able to answer the
question "why should crypto and blockchain even exist?"

What products is Cross River going to launch?

As you can imagine, the roadmap is confidential. The best way to see what we are going to do is to think about Cross River’s core offerings (Banking, Lending, Payments) and start by imagining what this offering would look like in crypto, as we
continue to build new technologies and financial products to propel the crypto space.

What kind of questions should a candidate expect during the interview process?

We will ask you questions about your experience, hypothetical situations, or problems we are currently working on. We won’t ask you brainteasers.

Who should I contact in case I have questions?

You should feel free to direct questions to your Cross River recruiter who will be your point of contact during and after the process.