Chief Lending Officer

Shimon Eisikowicz

Shimon Eisikowicz is a seasoned banking professional with almost twenty years of retail banking, credit, and lending experience. He joined the team in 2009 shortly after its inception as the Chief Lending Officer, and has helped pave the way for Cross River to become a household name in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) lending arena.

Shimon —working closely with the bank’s B.O.D. delegated credit committee— personally reviews, underwrites, and structures all CRE loans the bank extends. He has also developed and grown the CRE department from one person, to an origination and support team (including loan servicing), to more than twelve full-time employees, all while originating and participating in hundreds of transactions totaling almost $500,000,000 of loans for the bank in NY, NJ, CT and PA. In parallel, Shimon leads the Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans team.

Shimon began his career in banking as a Customer Service Representative at the branch level for the Greater New York Savings Bank in 1997, and subsequently Astoria Federal Savings Bank (AF) through the merger of both institutions in 1998. He trained and cross trained in various departments starting with residential lending and credit/underwriting beginning in 1999. After several years in various roles on the retail side of residential lending, he was promoted to the commercial lending department as a loan officer focusing on the NY and NJ markets for AF, where he gained market knowledge and experience originating loans from $250,000 to $10,000,000.