Capital Markets

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The Cross River Capital Markets Team is dedicated to helping solve the financing needs of our fintech lending customers and helping generate quality cash flowing assets for our fintech investor partners. We serve as a natural hub between fintech platforms and investors, providing the former with diverse funding sources and the latter with diverse asset opportunities.

For Fintech Lenders

Our Strategic Direct Lending Group is dedicated to solving financing needs for early stage fintech lenders.

For Fintech Investors

Our Capital Markets Financing Team is dedicated to providing investors with the opportunity to purchase high quality pools of loans.

For Community Banks and Credit Unions

Access to high quality, geographically diverse pools of consumer loans while minimizing transaction costs.

Solutions for lenders.

Our Strategic Direct Lending Group is a specialized team focused on providing bespoke asset-backed credit facilities (including risk retention financing solutions) and forward flow purchase arrangements that are tailored to empower the growth of early-stage fintechs. Although our DNA as an institution lies in the unsecured consumer space, we are asset class agnostic. We can evaluate arrangements that fall in any of the major ABS sectors (including real estate, credit card, auto and small business). Because Cross River’s mission is to enable greater access to credit through a full suite of banking services, we do not focus solely on generating interest income. We care deeply about nurturing strategic, multi-pronged partnerships that extend beyond financing. In addition to providing capital, Cross River offers lenders a cloud-based credit facility management tool that reduces operational overhead and enables a more seamless experience.

Solutions for investors.

Our Capital Markets Financing Team primarily provides investors the opportunity to purchase pools of high-quality consumer loans that we originate and retain through our fintech partners on a bulk or forward flow basis. We aim to maximize transparency by providing cloud-based data, analytics and visualization tools to prospective investors to evaluate and monitor asset pools throughout the lifecycle of a transaction—from the diligence phase through closing and ongoing thereafter. Transaction sizes range from $10mm to $150mm with a minimum annual commitment of $50mm. We also offer investors the opportunity to gain exposure to asset-based structured credit facilities originated by our Strategic Direct Lending Team, either by participating in our senior loan or by serving as a mezzanine loan provider.

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