Cross River


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cross River?

Cross River is a technology-driven financial services organization that provides core infrastructure and embedded financial solutions with regulatory compliance.


What year was Cross River founded?

Cross River was founded in 2008 in New Jersey.


What is Cross River known for?

Cross River is a leader in innovative financial technology and providing products and services that enable financial inclusion in a secure and regulatory environment.


Who is the CEO of Cross River?

Gilles Gade is Founder, CEO and Chairman of Cross River.


Is Cross River a bank?

Cross River is a fast-growing financial services organization that merges the forward-thinking offerings of a technology company with the established expertise and traditional services of a bank. Cross River Bank is a New Jersey state-chartered FDIC insured bank.


Is Cross River safe?

Cross River has profound regulatory, compliance, and consumer protection standards, Cross River is a New Jersey state-chartered FDIC insured bank.


Does Cross River offer crypto services?

Cross River offers the technological rails for crypto on and off ramps that provides users easy access to fiat, as well as banking and payments services.


What kind of services does Cross River offer?

Cross River provides a one-stop-shop, highly compliant, API-based banking platform and comprehensive suite of products encompassing lending, payments, crypto, risk management and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) offerings.


Does Cross River invest in fintechs?

Cross River’s Digital Ventures team invests in the next generation of companies shaping the future of financial services, supporting early-stage companies at the intersection of financial services and technology. The Digital Ventures team help founders connect to vast network of fintech knowledge and resources that Cross River has developed over the years as a leader in the space.


Is Cross River a good company to work for?

Cross River has been announced as “Best Place to Work in Financial Technology” for four consecutive years as of 2021.


How does Cross River help local communities?

Cross River was the second largest PPP lender in the country with the absolute lowest in average loan size amongst the leading lenders. Cross River’s frequently attends volunteer programs and charity events in the community. It also partners with organizations to give back to local communities and businesses by supporting workshops, learning sessions, and grant programs.