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Foundation@ Cross River1 funds initiatives, programs and projects that seek to provide not-for-profit and community organizations with funds and services that they need to achieve their goals as we partner and invest in them to build the foundation of education, community and technology tools for the future.

Founded on the tenets of community and giving, Cross River is always looking for new ways to create infinite opportunities to shape a better tomorrow. While our commitment to others began the day that we first opened our doors, our work connecting and supporting — both within and across communities—is just beginning.

Cross River is making a difference in the critical moments of life, but our impact does not end there. Community powers our work, and with an increased awareness of opportunities to better our neighborhoods, we are fostering innovation and connecting employees to diverse organizations where they can drive meaningful change together, shaping a better future for all.

At its core, Foundation@ Cross River seeks to foster essential programming and education which holds the power to save lives by supporting and providing donations to not-for-profit and community organizations.

While all submissions from many types of registered 501(c)(3) organizations that support community needs and initiatives will be considered, Foundation@ Cross River encourages applications from those that support these four strategic community focus areas:

  • Financial Education
    Funding and establishing financial literacy programming and education, to help individuals, families, small businesses and communities achieve stability.
  • Community Enrichment, Housing and Culture
    Supporting activities and organization grant programs to improve, stabilize, and revitalize low-income neighborhoods and communities.
  • Technology in Human Services
    Funding programs that focus on training individuals in technology for career advancement which may include new programs or expanding/strengthening existing programs and/or equipment to deliver a program and capital needs.
  • Education for the Future
    Providing support to organizations that empower community youth, both through scholarship opportunities, and by directly supplying students with the tools needed to ensure success.

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1Foundation@ Cross River is funded by its sole member Cross River Bank, a New Jersey state chartered bank that makes charitable donations.

ContactFoundation@ Cross River is a section 501(c)(3) organization funded by Cross River Bank that makes charitable grants.
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