Untangling banking for the innovators.

We apply the rigors of compliance to modern business models, helping our partners protect their customers.

A stronger partner for FinTech.

Cross River’s technology and strong capital base enable our clients to meet their customers’ changing needs. We originate loans for many of the leading marketplace lending platforms and explore new sectors and market opportunities on behalf of our partners in innovative ways.

An infrastructure you can rely on.

We offer origination solutions to our third-party platform partners, including underwriting, timely disbursements to borrowers, security, balance sheet capacity, and capital market capabilities. In turn, our partners support lending across industries including debt consolidation, point of sale, home improvement, medical, and small businesses.

How it works

Potential borrowers submit loan applications on a digital marketplace lending platform. Automated models supported by knowledgeable staff verify borrower information, and assess loan risk. Once approved, Cross River funds the loan to the designated party.